Dr. Jordan is currently a speaker, author, scholar, and researcher.  Specifically, he focuses on social justice issues.  He critically discusses and examines problems facing under-represented groups in the United States (i.e., those socially/economically impoverished and racial/ethnic minorities).

Dr. Jordan is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a product of the public school system.  He earned bachelor's, master's, and doctorate (PhD) degrees in Criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  He has held professor positions at the University of North Florida (Jacksonville) and the University of Central Florida (Orlando) in criminal justice departments.

He published a book on transferring juvenile offenders to the adult criminal justice system, and he is an accomplished scholar on race/ethnicity and criminal justice issues.  Dr. Jordan has worked on several funded research projects, allowing him to collaborate with local and state criminal justice/social service agencies (e.g., Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, State Attorney Offices, Public Defenders, Probation Offices, etc.).

Dr. Jordan also dedicates a website/blog to Race/Ethnicity and Justice issues.  Click HERE to be redirected to the website.